Custom Tattoo Designs by Amy Cook

Custom Tattoo Designs by Amy Cook

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Here's what happens after you purchase this service.

Step 1: Send us an email detailing what you have in mind. Please provide any visual references, stories, sketches, etc...

Step 2: We'll set up a time for you and Amy to discuss the design (phone or Zoom).

Step 3: Amy delivers version 1 of the work.

Step 4: If the work is approved by you, go to Step 6. If you require any changes to the work, please let us know so Amy can make a revision. 

Step 5: Amy delivers Final version of the work.

Step 6: Artwork is approved and we will deliver to you a hi-res 300dpi PDF of the work that can be used as a ref for your tattoo artist. This digital file can also be used to print as an art piece for your personal, home use.